AMU Alumni of Australia was established in the year 1992 and since has been working tirelessly. Under the auspices of AMUAA, first scholarship program was established in the year 1996.

The scholarship program is successfully supporting students at school and university level.

Did you know?

1 in 4 children of school-going age drop out of school in India – 99 million children in total have dropped out of school (Census 2011)

Join the revolution

AMU alumni of Australia embodies the vision of Sir Syed Ahmed Khan to provide quality education to kids from poor families. Our scholarship program is a small step in this direction. We are helped by like minded individuals who are passionate about this cause and give back to the society.

Come and join us, together we can take small steps to provide education to the most needy and make a positive change.

It’s incredible how few clicks can transform someone’s life!